The more than 2.2 million national and international tourists who toured the country during the extra-long weekend spent $106,197 million in food, beverages, accommodation, transportation, recreation and shopping, specified the Argentine Confederation of Medium Enterprises (Came).

Compared to the same weekend of last year, total spending fell 2.9%measured at constant prices, that is, discounting the inflation factor, Came remarked in a statement.

Meanwhile, the program Pre-Trip mobilized 140,000 tourists and generated 10,070 million pesos in expenses during the long weekend that combined the holidays for the commemoration of the passage to immortality of Martin Miguel de Guemes and Manuel Belgrano.

Iguazú, Salta, Bariloche, the City of Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Ushuaia, Termas de Río Hondo, Carlos Paz, Merlo and Mar del Plata led the chosen destinations by the tourists benefited by the program of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Nation.

So far this year, there have already been six long weekends where 11 million people have traveled and spent 409,000 million pesos, he highlighted. CAME.

the holiday of Carnival February recorded the greatest economic impact, with 106,704 million pesos, followed by the recent one in June, with 103,073 million; Holy Week, 95,957 million; May 25, 47,433 million; May 1, 29,109 million; and Memory Day, 26,467 million.