In the Day of this Wednesday, Argentina experienced two events of great importance. The first of them was the opening of the beginning of the parliamentary year at both the national, provincial and municipal levels. in the opening ordinary sessions of Congress President Alberto Fernández gave the last speech of his administration in this framework, which was not exempt from winks, chicanas, reproaches to the opposition, the press and the Supreme Court, and a balance of government. The other great event of the day was the abrupt and massive power outage that occurred in a large part of Argentina.

Mario Negri, National Deputy for Córdoba and President of the UCR Bloc knew how to find and express the ironic relationship between both events. Negri did not hold anything back and dared to target the president of the nation with a sharp and lacerating criticism. and through the social network Twitter The official rescued one of the phrases that the President said during his speech and accompanied it with an image showing the various provinces of the country that today were left without electricity.

The exact phrase that Alberto pronounced Fernández this afternoon was: “Argentina is the energy that the world is needing. In terms of energy, it should be underlined. In 2022, despite the brutal rise in international energy prices, no one in our country was left without gas or fuel. Argentina continued working and producing”