a block from Ambrosio Olmos at 1000 and 1100, in the heart of new cordoba, was full of garbage during the morning of this Thursday. The situation was disseminated by the neighborhood center of that neighborhood on its social networks. According to Marcela Falappa, president of the entity, it all occurred because the Municipality removed the bells from the place for a resurfacing work that is being carried out on that avenue that connects the España and De las Américas squares.

Since neither the bells nor the containers were there, the managers of the buildings on the block left the waste on the sidewalk, generating huge piles of bags. It must be remembered that in sectors with buildings, the generation per block is very high: each tower is equivalent to almost one block for the number of homes it has.

To prevent garbage from accumulating again, the Municipality reported that it will reinstall the bell, about 30 meters from the original site, closer to Richardson Street.