Netflix is ​​preparing for an important change within its platform that will be incorporated definitively from 2023. The company has backed down with some of the changes that it has been incorporating in recent times, which is why starting next year Netflix would allow its users to share passwords and enjoy the account in multiple homes.

The streaming giant will begin monetizing viewers who are in second homes. The company will apply additional charges on the account for each secondary household that is added. Although, so far, the amount that these users will pay has not been revealed.

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The truth is that in this way Netflix will try to maintain the policy that it applied before announcing, a few months ago, the incorporation of cheaper plans, which would include advertising, as a measure for users to share their passwords with other people. In this way, the platform would begin to charge for multi-home accounts that they have not been able to eliminate by other means.

In principle, the changes would start in the first quarter of 2023 in the United States. At the moment, Netflix has already been testing this type of rates in some markets such as Argentina, Guatemala or the Dominican Republic, although it is estimated that the costs that are currently handled will be updated next month.