The Netflix platform revealed this Friday the first images of “One Hundred Years of Solitude”, a series that will recreate the mythical town of Macondo, which emerged from the mind of the great Gabriel García Márquez.

The Mexican Eugenio Caballero, winner of the Oscar for “Pan’s Labyrinth”, is responsible for the production design of the adaptation of the work together with Bárbara Enríquez. The realization of this project in series format coincides with the 55th anniversary of its publication and the 40th anniversary since García Márquez was awarded the Nobel Prize.

The story follows the Buendía family through seven generations in the town of Macondo, where José Arcadio and Úrsula are a couple of cousins ​​full of forebodings and fears due to their kinship and the myth that their offspring could have pig tails.

The novelties in the series go hand in hand with Rodrigo García, son of the writer and who has been close to the production, and who said in the recent Gabo Festival that the adaptation will have two modifications with respect to the original work.