Netflix released the new trailer for the first part of the fourth season of You, Joe (Penn Badgley) returns to the ring but this time he will receive a dose of his own medicine, the protagonist will change his role to become a victim of bullying this time. The video of the new trailer shows the protagonist trying to flee from his dark past and assuming a new identity, that of Professor Jonathan Moore.

The series will premiere its new season on February 9 and will star a completely renewed Joe, with a new group of elite friends, whom they have dubbed “a circle of privileged idiots.” It will be a matter of time before the protagonist ends up becoming the center of attention and attracts the attention of someone with a mind as dark as his.

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The psychological suspense production recounts through a short synopsis where it tells us what can be seen in the new season. “After his former life caught fire, Joe Goldberg fled to Europe to escape his ‘messy’ past, adopt a new identity and, of course, search for true love. But Joe soon finds himself in the strange new role of reluctant detective when he discovers that he may not be the only killer in London. Now his future depends on identifying and stopping whoever is targeting his new group of super-rich socialite friends,” the official synopsis reads.

Watch the trailer here: