A few days ago Netflix confirmed that it made the decision to start blocking those accounts that were shared by several users who do not live in the same house. In this way, the company wants to prevent people from using its services without paying for them.

Today, Spain was one of the first countries where the measure began to be carried out. In fact, the company itself made the end of shared accounts official through a statement that it published on its blog, where they explain that there are more than 100 million households in which the Netflix account is shared, something that “reduces your ability to invest in great stories.

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The first measure that was taken to be able to carry out the blocks was to force users to configure their main location. In this way, it will not be possible to use the Netflix account outside of that location, except in specific exceptions. In addition, Netflix will take aspects such as the Wi-Fi network to which the devices connect as a reference, which is why users who use the same account must open the Netflix app or website and view some content at least once. every 31 days through said network. Otherwise, they could get blocked.

In the event that the user decides to go on a trip, Netflix will give the option of continuing to access the platform through the account through temporary access codes. These will allow you to access the account from different locations for up to seven days.