The streaming giant is still looking for a way for users of its platform to stop sharing their accounts. Until now, Netflix had decided to charge a plus to those people who share their passwords. That is, for each device that the company detected outside a home, charge a plus for them.

However, the platform wants people to be encouraged to open their own accounts, which could create a more than favorable outlook. That is why it announced that those who wish to migrate their user to a personal account will now be able to do so in a very simple way. In this way, those who want to leave a shared account and start their own membership, will be able to keep all their personalized recommendations, lists, playback history, saved games, among other things.

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The process is very easy and is available to any user within the platform. To do this you must follow the steps:

1.Open Netflix and tap or click on the profile picture that appears at the top of the screen.
2.Choose the “Transfer Profile” option.
3.Tap on “Next” and enter the details of your new Netflix account. And voila, you already have all your content in your new account.