At the end of 2022 Netflix announced that it would begin to apply measures for those users who share their password with other people outside their household. Although the first actions pointed to policies that would encourage people to open their own accounts – through cheaper plans – these actions ultimately did not work.

For this reason, the company finally decided to cut in the bud with the shared accounts. However, so far it has not been specified in detail how the specific action will be carried out and it has only transpired that the account will be blocked, thus preventing it from being used in different houses.

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What is clear is that Netflix will take as reference the IP address, device identifiers, activity in the account and other factors to establish a main location in each user’s account. Everyone living in that primary location will be able to use Netflix without limitations on their devices. However, those who are not associated with the main location will not be able to access the account, Netflix will block access to the application, and will suggest the user of the device to contract one of the plans. However, no extra charge will be made.