Netflix is ​​preparing to launch one of the most anticipated remakes by users, we are talking about “Matilda”, the children’s classic that premiered in 1996. The film was directed by Danny DeVito and produced by TriStar Pictures, and was based on the homonymous novel by Roald Dahl. At that time the film was a real failure, only managing to raise 33 million dollars globally while its budget had been about 36 million. However, years later it would become popular.

Now the streaming giant released the trailer for the new movie. Alisha Weir will make her film debut as Matilda Wormwood. The curious and intelligent girl who discovers that she has magical powers, and that she lives with her parents who reject her all the time and who have nothing to do with her daughter’s interests.

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However, at school, Matilda will find refuge in her teacher, Miss Miel (Lashana Lynch), who believes in her and encourages her to explore her abilities. The little girl goes through a stay at the Crunchem Hall boarding school, there she will have to face the rules of the place and the director herself, the evil Tronchatoro, who will be played by actress Emma Thompson. The premiere of the film is scheduled for December 25.

Netflix will release the remake of "Matilda" • Channel C
On the left the director Tronchatoro from 1966, on the right the new director who will lead the Netflix remake.

Watch the trailer here: