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Never do it!

A young man from India wanted to imitate a haircut he saw on YouTube that is done with fire and ended up causing serious burns.

The moment was recorded through a video and the unusual event generated a barrage of comments and reactions.

The “flames haircut” it is unconventional but an Indian hairdresser was tempted and tried it with a friend. The event had a fairly predictable outcome and the young man who accepted ended up with significant burns on his head, neck and chest.

The 18-year-old knew what he was getting for, because he went looking for just that: a place where hairdressers use fire to style, in a supposedly controlled way. But he got out of control and affected the boy who suffers the flames when they spread beyond what was expected.

At first you can see how the hairdresser tries to light the match, but the flame covers the boy’s entire head, which ends up burning with the towel.

The result: severe burns to his neck and chest, with a fire caused by the chemicals used by the barber.

The publication Never do it! first appeared on Channel C