This Friday at noon, a group of health workers met in a new assembly in front of the Sanitary Pole to debate and vote on the next steps in the wage conflict that is ongoing with the provincial government over the demand for better wages and working conditions. .

Estela Giménez, delegate of the UTS (Health Workers Union), told this medium that “Compañeros from the four hospitals of the Pole we came to ratify and show society that we continue with the strike and assembly. We are going to make cuts every time we hold assemblies so that society sees that this has not ended; that the Province remains in debt to us” as “we are below the poverty line“.

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He also held that the arrangement of the SEP (Public Employees Union) “does not represent us“:These types of arrangements are undemocratic and violate the rights we have as workers“. It should be remembered that The arrangement that was made with that union was 102% per year to be collected in three installments (November, December and January), something that Giménez cataloged as “a lie“.

If I show you the salary receipt of any of us from January, we don’t have 100 percent, nor 70… We reached 38, 40 percent. In other words, they lie to people, to society, which handles other numbers, but they are not going to put their finger in our mouths that we are the ones who are there every day, we see our salary receipt and it is not enough for us at all“, he added.

On the other hand, it ratified the indefinite strike of health personnel and a march for Wednesday of next week. “We are voting in all the hospitals of Córdoba capital that on Wednesday we repeat the mobilization we had this week We were close to 10,000 health workers. In total, in the province, we are about 12,600 health workers. Are you going to tell me that (the SEP agreement) is representative of this entire group?“.

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Coverage: Ariel Zalio