Today the Chamber of Deputies will hold a special session promoted by the Front of All (FdT) to debate a set of economic, cultural and political projects. Initiatives to extend tax benefits for cultural industries will also be discussed; for the creation of national parks and on the training of officials in relation to the Malvinas cause.

The session was convened for 11 o’clock. Among the package of measures that will be debated today, it will seek to approve the initiatives that cede land to the Nation for the creation of a new National Park in Córdoba. These are lands located around the Ansenuza Sea and the Rio Dulce marshes for the creation of the Ansenuza National Park and the homonymous National Reserve.

For their part, the Peasant Movement and the United Coastal Civil Association will attend Congress to request the incorporation of an article that recognizes the traditional use of the land. According to the member of the Peasant Movement of Córdoba, Victoria Gauna, her intention is to add an article to the project that “recognizes the traditional form of land use and form of community use and the participation of peasant and indigenous communities for the management of the National Park”.