The Turkish program at noon continues to generate debate, the host’s proposal that strawberries be eaten with dulce de leche generated great controversy over those who believe it is a perfect combination and those who say it is not. Even the journalist Lalo Freyre joked on his show “The Super Morning” stating that he had made a “motion of censure” for the Turkish.

Later both starred in a fun crossover on the radio where the “Turk” commented:“I don’t know where I got the combination but in order to eat dulce de leche I put. Nobody in the Channel had tried and copied them “.

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Now Belu Dalmazzo, a member of the “Turkish at noon” team had the witty idea of ​​accompanying the dulce de leche with pategrás cheese. In the study, her colleagues were in charge of tasting the combination of flavors and they gave her the go-ahead. Even the Turk was encouraged to joke that they were real “chocolates”.

Look at the funny moment they starred in: