It is estimated from now that “on average” the ballots will have a rise of 21.5 percent in Córdoba. But most will pay more. For a large part of the users, the extra number that will be added to the traditional expenses will arise from the point agreed with the IMF, which it expresses must be “equivalent to 80% of the Salary Variation Coefficient (CVS)” of 2021.

The percentage increase is 42.7 percent. For those who have a social rate, 20.5%. According to estimates, benefits will be reduced for more than 920,000 residential electricity customers and 760,000 natural gas customers.

While “holders of the service with high purchasing power” will pay full rate. Those who have “income of more than 300 thousand pesos, have three or more properties, 3 or more new vehicles or have boats or aircraft in their name” are part of this universe. For inhabitants of popular neighborhoods or beneficiaries of different official economic aid plans, the social rate will be maintained.

The decisions regarding the increases in electricity and residential gas will be discussed between Tuesday and Thursday of next week when public hearings will take place.