Without any official data yet and with a slow vote count, it is estimated how the Legislature of Córdoba would be formed. Cordovan Peronism, for now, would lose the majority in the unicameral and the opposition would win seats.

With 92% of the tables processed, of the 70 seats that were put into play (44 per single district and 26 departmental), Together for Change would obtain 34 seats for the next 4 years, while Hacemos por Córdoba (government) would provide 32 legislators, it would be the first time that Peronism has not won the majority of places in 22 years.

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Although you have to wait for the complete scrutiny to know how the total distribution will be, with the majority of the votes counted they wanted: Left Front 1 seat, I believe in Córdoba 1 position, La libertad Avanza 1 place, and Neighborhood Meeting 1 seat. Of the 26 departments in Córdoba, 14 were awarded Together for Change and 12 districts were awarded by We Do for Córdoba.

Currently the positions are distributed as follows: Hacemos Unidos por Córdoba, 49; Together for Change, 15; Neighborhood Meeting, 2; Left Front, 2; I believe in Cordoba, 2.

On the other hand, the Court of Accounts of the Province would be Together for Change with two places in the body and Hacemos Unidos por Córdoba with the remaining position. The percentage would be 39% for the opposition and 37% for the ruling party.