The fourth week of Big Brother 2022 already has its new nominees after a controversial Wednesday day in which there was a plot among the participants during the vote.

Those who went to the plate of the most famous house in the country were Juan, Daniela (both with eight votes), Agustín and Nacho (both with five). However, the initial list had not been like that, but the driver Santiago del Moro, after seeing that there were agreements not allowed to vote in a group for other members of the reality show, had to announce that the votes of those involved were discounted.

Specifically, Lucila, Juan and Juliana plotted to go against Julieta and Coti. They went against the rules of the contest and the production acted against them.

In the house they had voted as follows: Julieta (9), Juan (8), Daniela (8), Coti (6), Agustín (5), Nacho (5), María Laura (4) and Marcos (2 ).

“There are different ways to agree who to vote for and know that I see it, hear it and interpret everything. Therefore, my decision was to annul the votes originated by this breach of the rules that govern my house. This is the second time that I am writing to you about the same situation,” he continued.

Immediately afterwards, del Moro announced that on Thursday the sanction that will be applied to Tora for his controversy with the microphone will be announced.