A new day of exchange rate rise is taking place this Friday: in Córdoba the blue dollar reached its historical peak and is trading at $340 for purchase and $344 for sale. The jump is ten pesos compared to Thursday’s close, and thus exceeds its maximum value that was reached last July.

It occurs at the end of a week marked by marches, riots, bonus payments, bonus payments and an urgent need to swell the coffers of the Central Bank (BCRA). Inflation in the foreign exchange market is expected to continue during the first two months of next year.

On the other hand, in Buenos Aires the dollar is quoted at $340 for sale. Last month, the green ticket registered an increase of 24 pesos. The Central Bank (BCRA) closed the conference on Thursday with purchases for US$ 57 million, favored by the incentive generated by the reinsertion of a special exchange rate for exports from the soybean chain, which will be in force until the end of the month.

The positive balance was added to the US$ 1,127 million that the monetary authority acquired during the last three weeks. However, the informal currency continues to rise and does not seem to have a ceiling yet. In this way, the total amounts to almost US$ 1,184 million since the Export Increase Program (PIE) was reinstated, which establishes a differential exchange rate for the soybean complex of $230 per dollar.

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