Women over 18 years of age who live in popular neighborhoods throughout Argentina will be able to participate in a new raffle to access the My Piece program, aimed at financing repairs or extensions to their homes, based on the decision of the Ministry of Social Development that this Monday reopened registration.

Through Mi Piece, the Socio-Urban Integration Secretariat (Sisu) grants -to the beneficiaries who are drawn- amounts of $100,000 or $240,000 thousand, in two installments of 50%, the first of them for the start of the work and the second, once the progress of the reform is confirmed.

Who can access relaunch?

  • Women
  • Family Housing Certificate
  • They have to live in a popular neighborhood surveyed by RENABAP

For this relaunch they cannot participate

  • Beneficiaries of My Piece will not be able to participate again.

I signed up but I was never drawn, can I participate?

The Government announced that if you signed up, passed the validations and were not selected, you will participate in the next draw without having to re-register.

How much are they going to deposit you?

Assistance, which is between 100 and 240 thousand pesos.

What can be done with that money?

The money can be used for:

  • roof upgrade
  • Wall
  • Floor
  • Interior division openings
  • Minor plumbing and/or electrical repairs
  • Housing extension.

How will the payment be?

The collection of assistance will be through Anses in two installments of 50%. The second after validating the progress of the work through an application on the cell phone. Those who do not complete the progress of the work will be disqualified for new lines of economic assistance.

How can I prove that I did the work?

The Government indicates that in order to collect the second disbursement (corresponding to 50%), the beneficiaries must, within three (3) months of the first payment, prove the progress of the work by means of a sworn statement and the sending of a photographic record. Both requirements are sent through the Application “My Argentine Piece”.

How should the photos be?

  • sharp
  • in good light
  • Show precisely what type of work is being carried out and in what sector of the house. That is, they have to clearly represent the environment of the house or land. This will make it possible to realize that there is progress with respect to the images of the start of the work or the acquisition of materials.
  • If this does not happen, the advance accreditation will not be considered approved.