The sales already registered in the Hot Sale 2022 set new records for the number of transactions per minute, as well as a rise in the average ticket, according to different platforms.

The Vtex electronic commerce platform detected a peak of 924 orders per minute in the first hour of the day, and in the first 10 hours of the event they identified 36% more purchase orders, 56% more products and 101% more billing compared to the same period in the Hot Sale 2021.

As indicated, 84% of visits come from mobile devices, and that the clothing and accessories category reflected an increase in billing of 192%; and health and beauty 122%; while decoration and home invoiced 114% more.

Meanwhile, the Tiendanube platform verified an average ticket so far this day of over $9,700 compared to $6,000 in last year’s edition.

In this case, 56.4% of the buyers are based in the AMBA, 12.6% in the interior of the province of Buenos Aires, 6.8% in Córdoba and 6.2% in Santa Fe.

64.8% of sales correspond to the clothing category with an average ticket of $10,728, followed by health and beauty with 9.1% of transactions and an average of $5,473, followed by deco and home with 8.4 % and $14,230.

Among the multi-product stores, (Chango Mas) recorded the equivalent of a normal day of sales in eight hours, with a mayonnaise and a beer at the top of the ranking of number of units sold.