The General Legislation commission of the Chamber of Deputies advanced this Wednesday in the opinion of the project that implements health and patient safety, known as the “Nicolas Law”.

The initiative brings together two projects, one by the radical deputy Fabio Quetglas and the other by Mónica Macha (Frente de Todos) whose purpose is “ensure the right to quality and safe health care, centered on people and communities”.

The main points of the law are: the creation of the encrypted and interoperable digital medical record; mandatory and periodic certifications for health professionals and medical institutions; and the development of action protocols and audit and surveillance systems. All of this points to a decrease in the possibility of avoidable damage in health practices.

Harm to patients from adverse events is estimated to be one of the 10 leading causes of death and disability in the world. In addition, 10% of patients suffer some type of harm or harm when they appeal to the health system, half of these events being preventable.

The project was promoted by Gabriela Covelli, President of the Foundation for Life and Health and creator of the first version of the initiative since her son Nicolás Deanna died in 2017when he was 24 years old, due to a bad medical intervention.

In addition, the initiative that regulates the activity of the therapeutic companion obtained an opinion. According to the norm, it is understood as Therapeutic Companion in the terms of this law those who with a qualifying title intervene through a comprehensive biopsychosocial approach, within the framework of an interdisciplinary team and/or by indication of a treating professional in charge, to facilitate the rehabilitation of the accompanied subject, prevent eventual relapses, identify risk situations and promote their reintegration into the community level.

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