Councilor Nicolás Piloni participated in an interview on Political Day on Channel C in which he defended the management of Hacemos por Córdoba in power after the candidate for mayor of Together for Change, Rodrigo De Loredo, affirmed that the new hospitals ” They don’t have the infrastructure that comes with a hospital”

“This city had three hospitals when we entered into management: the emblematic Emergency Hospital, the Príncipe de Asturias Hospital and the Children’s Hospital. Today we have opened three hospitals: the Madre Teresa Hospital, the Comipaz Hospital and the Cura Brochero Hospital,” said the councilor

De Loredo should tour the neighborhoodstour the hospitals, go in and see the technology that those hospitals have and the quality,” said Piloni in response mode.

“The De Loredo thing is a contradiction because he voted against all the projects for which he is now campaigning for mayor. What De Loredo does is very irresponsible, not everything is worth in a campaign. TO People have to be told the truth, and the truth is what you see” Piloni communicated.

On the other hand, he spoke that the management of Together for Change has already had its moment but that that of Llaryora and Passerini is the one that people choose for the good management they have carried out three and a half years ago. “We know because we talk to people”

Lastly, I talk about the quality advances that the new Biodiversity Park has, which is a project that the candidate for mayor De Loredo proposes to close. However, Councilor Piloni stated that the quality and infrastructure of the park is the best. In addition, he retorted that the director of the zoonoses and animal protection and care area, Casaña, who has been in office since 2022, has never denounced bad terms for animals and does so in the campaign. “He is responsible.”

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