The senator of Together for Change (JxC) Luis Juez affirmed that the return to democracy in 1983 did not change the life of “any Argentine”. The statement was made in a television exchange with the former Spanish deputy Pilar Rahola, who crossed him for the phrase.

“No Argentine can say that democracy changed his life. People are having a really bad time. There is a lot of fanaticism and the violence comes from above. One sees that the one in power believes that he is right, but he is not. They want to impose reason with force and society notices that,” Judge argued.

In that sense, the former Argentine ambassador to Ecuador added: “The middle class, an aspirational class, who wanted things for their children and today is not happening, has fallen to us.” After the judge’s statement, Rahola came out to the intersection: “I cannot accept that sentence, forgive me. Democracy always saves life, compared to dictatorships.

The JxC legislator comes from a week in which he celebrated the ruling of the Supreme Court of Justice, which gave him back the bench in the Council of the Judiciary instead of the Kirchnerist senator Martín Doñate. The ruling, signed by judges Horacio Rosatti, Carlos Rosenkrantz and Juan Carlos Maqueda, gave rise to the amparo action initiated by the Cordovan and annulled Doñate’s appointment, which had been signed by the president of the Senate, Cristina Kirchner.

The ruling, which was not signed by Ricardo Lorenzetti, considered that it is not an interference by the Judicial Power on the powers of the legislature to appoint its representatives in the Council of the Judiciary.

Source: NA