Netflix premiered the trailer for the movie “All Quiet on the Front Lines,” based on World War I. The film is based on the story of a 17-year-old German soldier Paul Bäumer, who lies about his age in order to go to war with his friends and thus obtain the glory promised in the advertisements of that time.

However, the young people have no idea of ​​the horrors they will have to face. The film is directed by Edward Berger based on the novel of the same name by Erich Maria Remarque, which was published in 1929. The same novel has been adapted twice by two other filmmakers, one of which won an Oscar for best film and best director.

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The director of the film assured that he needed to adapt this novel since it meant something very important to the world in order to remind everyone of the horrors of war, but also because it was something that as a German he owed to his country. “We have a very different cultural heritage. Germany obviously started two wars in the last century and brought a lot of terror and horror into the world and we feel like that perspective is important to tell. Because obviously if you’re born with that then the movie is going to feel very different from an American movie or a British movie where soldiers went to war, won it, were celebrated victoriously, and brought home a different kind of feeling. And we didn’t grow up with that feeling, so we wanted to share that emotion with an international audience.” express.

Watch the trailer here: