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Nora Dalmasso: three witnesses testify today

José Hernán Stinson, a friend of Macarrón; biochemist Néstor Gutiérrez, one of the experts who took samples at the crime scene; and the worker Marcos Bárzola, who was polishing the floors in the couple’s home on the date of the murder, testify before the popular jury and the technical court that is in charge of the prosecution process.

Marcelo Macarrón is the only accused

The oral debate for the femicide of Nora has the widower Macarrón as the only defendant for the crime of “qualified homicide by the link, by treachery and by price or remuneration promise in an ideal contest.” Prosecutor Luis Pizarro considered that the crime that occurred on the morning of November 25, 2006 in a house in the Villa Golf neighborhood of Río Cuarto, could have been motivated by “marital disagreements and economic issues.”

In this regard, the prosecutor considered that Macarrón “planned to kill his wife, Nora Dalmasso, with persons not yet identified,” for which he provided “the murderer with the keys or the intelligence to enter the house without forcing the lock, information and movements, and ensuring a space of time in which she was alone, without any other member of the family”.

Source: Newspaper Puntal-Río Cuarto

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