The accountant Gabriela Macarrón was summoned to testify before the popular jury and the trial court at the 30th hearing of the trial, which began on March 14 and in which 66 witnesses have testified so far. In her exposition, her professional pointed out that “we were always very close” with her brother, accused of her, and that for her “Nora’s death was always confusing.”

In turn, the accused Macarrón, 62, returned to the courts of Río Cuarto on Tuesday, after being hospitalized for a coronary condition on May 22 and remaining at home since May 24. However, At the precise moment in which he began to testify, his sister asked to leave the premises for health reasons.

The widower is the only defendant in this process, in which he is accused of the crime of “homicide qualified by the bond, by treachery, and by price or remuneration promise in ideal competition”, which contemplates a life sentence.

According to the prosecutor’s request for trial, on a date that cannot be established exactly, presumably a few months before November 25, 2006, Macarrón, “in a criminal agreement with persons not yet identified by the investigation, instigated the crime of his wife for marital disagreements.

Source: Puntal Newspaper