An unprecedented event took place in the early hours of Monday in the interior of the province: a young woman denounced that about twenty passengers were abandoned on the side of the route, near Etruria, when she realized that the driver of the unit had had been leaving about 18 users alone.

Antonela Cesano shared the episode on the social network Twitter, echoing the situation to the company Córdoba Coata and the ERSeP (Public Services Regulatory Entity) for being responsible for controlling the provision of services. “One went down to look for the driver and he was not there, we opened the luggage rack and the bags were not there, there was nothing,” says the young woman, detailing that the bus was locked.

Hours later, “We see a Coata coming from the opposite side, we signaled to him. The driver got out and took charge of the situation. He was incredulous, he could not understand that this was happening. Everything was resolved thanks to the driver and his companion. They continued until Villa María and one of them went around with a bus to leave us at our destination. The bus ended up arriving at 8:40 its final route”.

The company later confirmed that indeed, the driver of the unit in question (number 4347) noticed during his trip that a tire had been punctured, affecting the lung that injects air into it. “Following the protocol, he notified the company’s Mechanical Service Area and requested a new unit to continue with the journey of the passengers. In turn, the company requested support from the local Police so that they can go and protect the bus until the procedure is finalized.” They detailed that at that time there were 39 people on board the bus. But almost twenty were left on the top floor and no one checked.

“Faced with this totally negligent fact, the company has already terminated the driver who was in charge of the tour,” they said.