The INDEC (National Institute of Statistics and Censuses) reported that supermarket sales during November increased 1.7% compared to the same month in 2021, and compared to October there was an advance of 1.6 points, measured at constant prices.

Meanwhile, in the large wholesale self-services, November sales fell 2.1% in year-on-year terms, although they rose 5.8% compared to the previous month.

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Meanwhile, in the large shopping centers, sales in November 2022 were 7.2% above those of the same month in 2021 and accumulated a rise of 41.2% in the year. Of the total sold in supermarkets25.4% corresponded to Warehouse products; 13.5% to Beverages; 12.9% cleaning and perfumery articles; 10% in Dairy and 9% in meat, among others.

38.8% of sales were made through credit cards; 29.3% debit; 28.3% in cash, and 3.6% in “other means of payment”.

The jurisdictions where the most significant increases in sales at current prices were registered, in terms of percentage variation, were: Entre Ríos, 112.3%; Santa Fe, 109.7%; Santa Cruz, 107.7%; Tierra del Fuego, 107.5%; and Santiago del Estero with 106.7%.

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In the large shopping centers, 44.3% of what was invoiced corresponded to clothing, footwear and leather goods; 13.2% to Food Court, food and kiosk, 12.9% in Electronics, household appliances and computing; and 10.9% in Sportswear and accessories, among others.