By Marina Baldo

A very special night was lived yesterday in the Plaza Próspero Molina. Last moon of a festival that had a wide range of artists on its grid, with nights of great attendance and others more modest and with a luxurious closing: Abel Pintos celebrating 25 years since the first time he took the stage “Atahualpa Yupanqui” .

The end of the 63rd Edition of the National Folklore Festival is throbbing. There are many people around the Plaza, some waiting to enter, others eager to see the fireworks that announce the last opening from behind the doors.

After the last harangue of 2023 and the skill displayed by the Camin ballet accompanying the lyrics and music of the hymn to Cosquín, Néstor Garnica from Santiago opens to show all his art and virtuosity with the violin. In addition, he generated a new proposal for this stage, summoning the Cordoba soloist Lucía Luque and the Camerata Docta.

The turn of the southern song arrives and Lucía Ceresani appears on the scene with her brother Javier. Sitting at the front of the stage, with only microphones and guitars, they played and sang milongas and huellas. The artist commented that that night she was premiering the waltz “Cardo” by José Larralde.

Franco Luciani enters the stage to hypnotize himself with his harmonica. The man from Rosario celebrated 20 years in music last year and that is evident in his proposal. He had Manolo Herrera and his sachaguitarra as a guest in commemoration of his father Elpidio. Manolo had already been on stage on Thursday sharing with Jorge Rojas and Raly Barrionuevo.

A new tribute is present on the main stage. Through the Province Postcards, Santiago del Estero decides to honor the great composer, musician and educator Juan Carlos Carabajal who died in November 2022. The proposal was in charge of his son Lucas Carabajal who invited different singers and musicians, including Rodrigo Flores and the Orellana-Lucca duo. Dance interventions, videos with the voice and image of Juan Carlos and songs like “Enter my home” and “La Mesa” were present.

The Tribhu folk trio was in the main square. The former Indios de Ahora unveiled their new proposal in which the mixture of genres reigns. After this performance, it is time for the awards ceremony:

Official Peña Featured: Aruma Duo
· Featured Street Shows: Sebastian Ruiz
· ANCROF Award “Juan Carlos Fiorillo”: Eduardo Guajardo
· Revelation Pre Cosquín 2023: Sergio Fasoli
· 1st Prize Cosquín Consecration 2023: Juan Fuentes
2nd Cosquín Consecration Prize 2023: Destination San Javier
Camin Lifetime Achievement Award 2023: Pocho Sosa

After the awards, Flor Paz enters, the artist from Santiago who is making her place in the folk music scene. Her show presented an interesting proposal, interpreting some songs from her album “Soy Semilla” and the viewers received it in a very warm way. She also invited Sheila Patricia, a Spanish singer, and they performed “Dos orillas”.

Already at midnight the last Postcard from the province appears on the scene: Santa Fe. The simple but warm and festive proposal is very well received by those present in the Plaza “Próspero Molina” dancing to the rhythm of cumbia and clapping .

Daniel Cabuchi Curvas goes through the main stage and so does Milo Marotti, the 11-year-old boy in love with the folk music of our country. “My dream is that children like folklore” says Milo. Several themes from the popular Argentine songbook sound in his sweet and tender voice. A beautiful moment lived in the homeland singing.

The square is full and expectant, anxious to meet the great Abel Pintos. His “family” – as he calls it – awaits his appearance in a very special year. The year that marks the 25th anniversary of the first time he took to the big stage -hand in hand with León Gieco-.

Abel Pintos enters and the public is a single cry of joy, opens with “Your voice” followed by hits like “Together”, “Espejo”, “Aquí te espero” and “Cómo te extraño”. He thanks, greets his people and expresses his excitement at being able to share his 25th anniversary on “Atahualpa Yupanqui”. He also thanks the festival for continuing to call him even though he no longer fully dedicates himself to composing and performing folk music. I couldn’t miss “I was born to sing” a song that he sang in 1998 on that same stage and which gives its name to his first album.

Some guests joined to close tonight. Lucía Ceresani to interpret “Stephanie” by Alfredo Zitarrosa and Milo to do “Cuando llegue el alba” with him. Other songs that sounded were: “Dancing with your shadow”, “Cactus”, “Unfinished business”. She approached cumbia with “El encanto” and “Camina” (Suave y eleganta).

For his 25th anniversary in the Plaza Próspero Molina, he received the poncho from Cosco in recognition and then gave way to “Motivos”, “De solo vivir” and “Piedra libre” to close the night and the festival.

A 63rd edition of the most prestigious Folklore Festival in Latin America that had very interesting moments every night, that surprised and encouraged new artists and that never ceased to excite with its tributes and the traditional opening that makes the hearts of Coscoínos beat with pride. and people who like to share folklore.