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Now 30 hasn’t started yet

Due to delays in the list of products covered by the 30-Install Plan, its entry into force will be postponed until next Monday, October 24.

According to the resolution published in the Official Gazette, the Secretary of Commerce will be in charge of disseminating the detailed list of products, as well as the agreed sales prices to the consumer and the points of sale.

Although the requirements, terms and conditions that must be met by the subjects interested in participating in the agreement have already been established, it was not possible to determine which products will be covered.

Likewise, the model agreements to be signed with the supplier or seller entities of the products that make up this initiative were approved to facilitate its implementation.

The plan that the Government will launch includes refrigerators, washing machines, cell phones, televisions and air conditioners of low consumption, of national production and with frozen prices for 90 days.

For their part, users will be able to acquire the goods whenever the retail price without interest does not exceed $200,000 and they will have financing of 30 fixed monthly installments.

Among the companies that will offer the possibility of purchasing household appliances in 30 installments will be Samsung, BGH, Newsan (LG, Hisense, Noblex, Motorola and Philco) and Novatech. National banks, chains with physical premises and bank associations will also participate in the initiative.

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