Hacemos Unidos por Córdoba officially presents all of its candidates that make up the coalition and formally starts the campaign towards the elections that will be held on Sunday, June 25 in the province.

Juan Schiaretti expressed “I am very happy because here are those of us who have a common dream: the progress of Córdoba.” “We are convinced that the dream can only be achieved with work and production. Work always gives progress. We support work instead of supporting the subsidy culture.” “In order for Córdoba to progress, there must be institutional quality,” added.

“We support the work instead of supporting the subsidy culture.” “In order for Córdoba to progress, there must be institutional quality”

schiarretti He also referred to education “We are the Córdoba that is capable of working for education. If we take the eight largest districts of the country, the one that pays the best salary to its teachers, doctors and nurses is Córdoba.”

“We change the name, the name doesn’t matter what matters is what we are capable of doing”

Juan Schiaretti- Governor of Córdoba

The candidate for president finished his speech “Change is Martín Llaryora and Myriam Prunotto who have shown that they are young and that they are changing Córdoba”

In the turn of Myriam Prunotto, candidate for lieutenant governor, emotional and with tears in her eyes, she affirmed “I am so happy and this gives me the certainty of what Martín proposed to me that we make a coalition. I did the right thing and we got to work.” “We did not have to bring anyone from Buenos Aires, we have the future president here, we alone were able to transform Córdoba.”

Prunotto affirmed “We received a couple of slaps because we put our faces, but there are a lot of mayors who put hope in us. Last night I received a request from a “militant” for my disaffiliation from the Radical Civic Union and he said that he did not want me to name more Ruben Américo Martín. I am not going to pay attention to him because if there is someone who has set the course for us, it is him. We honor him. We are happy that he is part of this coalition. I want to thank the Ateneo Ruben Américo Martín for all the effort for this formation of the coalition”.

The candidate added “I assure you that we are going to visit the 427 municipalities and communes as our governor did and we are going to arrive with all the containment that this society needs, of this Argentina that is suffering from hyperinflation.”

“I receive it with great honor and commitment. Mainly with all the love that can be given to each of the people of Cordoba who are in the province. I am sure that Córdoba will move forward” term.

“We received a couple of slaps because we put our faces, but there are a lot of mayors who put hope in us.”

Myriam Prunotto- Candidate for Lieutenant Governor

Martín Llaryora, mayor of the city and candidate for governor expressed: “We are all very excited and happy, for having been able to structure this coalition that will perhaps illuminate Argentina as well. We continue to strengthen the path.”

llaryora affirmed “Here there are no inventions, there is management, here there are no words, there are facts. Today is the first step that will build the next victory so that Córdoba can have the peace of mind that it will continue forward that it will not go backwards. It is missing a lot to do and we are going to do it ourselves”.

“Here there are no inventions, there is management. Here there are no words, there are facts.”

Martín Llaryora- Candidate for Governor

“This opening is the product of generosity, when Córdoba matters more to you than personal interest. In Córdoba we understand the crisis we are experiencing: in this Argentina that is not developing, in this Argentina with high inflation, where many cannot reach At the end of the month, many have lost hope. We are not going to get out of this situation without union, that is why we do not call ourselves “together”, that is why we call ourselves “united”, because we all pull in the same direction”. “Here nobody leaves anywhere, here we unite so that Córdoba can progress.” added the gubernatorial candidate.

“I ask the people of Cordoba to look at what someone in the management of the city that threw it into abandonment did and see what we are doing. We are taking Córdoba forward.”

About the national government Llaryora added “Today we have a country that cannot start, we are a country that pushes forward. We have natural resources and we have Argentine talent, the desire to work and produce. When I see the sadness of society, I do not give up seeing a better Argentina I can’t believe that this is the current Argentina where we are living” .

“What country would Argentina be if it were governed by the Cordovan model, with a president of the stature of Juan Schiaretti, have no doubt that we would have an Argentina with employment, with production, with low inflation, where the children do not want to leave and leave stay in our country.”

Martin Llaryora

About his administration he affirmed “Now when I listen to those who had to govern, now they know the entire manual of what to do, now when they were there they did nothing, pure syrup: talking, criticizing, offending, insulting, they did nothing. When it was their turn govern they recast Córdoba”.

The act takes place at the Quórum hotel in the capital city. There is the governor of Córdoba and candidate for president, Juan Schiaretti; the candidate for governor Martín Llaryora; his running mate Myriam Prunotto and all the candidates for departmental and single-district legislators who will make up the lists.

In addition, mayors, community chiefs and leaders of the different political forces that are part of the coalition participate and also with the accompaniment of the various social, business, commercial, professional and union groups that make up Hacemos Unidos por Córdoba.