Snapchat introduced its first parental control tools that will allow parents to see who their children are talking to within the app, but not the content of their conversations.

The new feature, dubbed Family Center, launches amid turbulence rocking social media over numerous claims against it that it exposes children to bullying and harmful content.

How will this new tool work?

Parents will be able to invite their children to join the Family Center on Snapchat, and once they accept the invitation, parents will be able to see their children’s friends list as the recipients of messages they have sent in the last seven days.

The feature is only available to parents and teens ages 13-18. They will also be able to confidentially report any suspicious account.

On the other hand, Jeremy Voss, head of messaging products at Snap. assured that parents will not be able to see private content or messages sent by their teenagers. And he stated “It’s the right approach to improve safety and well-being, while still protecting autonomy and privacy.”