After a fake news was published and that the deputy José Luis Espert will take as true, the legislator of the Frente de Todos, Ofelia Fernández, was seen in the news, declaring: “I think I am qualified to be president and I am willing to run if necessary”, next to the image of the young woman. Espert shared that tweet, and accompanied it with the phrase “it’s very strong.”

Then Ofelia’s ironic response came, “Espert is a deputy and thinks that because there is a sentence next to a photo of me, it is automatically true. It is false, teletubi.”

And he added “You cannot even be president at this age”, the National Constitution requires a minimum age of 35 years for the first magistracy. The legislator is 22 years old, and at 19, she came to office, turning out to be the youngest in history to access it.

Ofelia Fernandez to Espert: "teletubi" • Channel C