The main oil companies have already adjusted their prices for gasoline and diesel for January: starting at 0 on Sunday Shell, and today during the course of the day YPF, Axion and Puma, raised their prices by 4%.

It was completed as agreed with the Ministry of Economy and agreeing to the request from outside “in the second fortnight.”

Everything is tied to the agreement reached at the end of November by Minister Massa, Secretary of Commerce Tombolini and Undersecretary of Energy Royon with the main leaders of each of the oil companies, whereby fuels were included in the Price agreement. fair.

The owners of service stations view with concern how the price of their income with fuels at Fair Prices is being capped, but their costs rise well above the agreed updates. According to representatives of the sector, in the last two years they resigned 40% profitability.

According to surveys of the sector in 2022 gasoline increased below INDEC inflation, which last Wednesday reported that it ended the year in the order of 94.8%. But super gasoline increased 67% in all of 2022, premium 77% and diesel 91%. The only one that beat inflation was the premium diesel that updated its price by 122%.