Jointly, the state unions of the province of Córdoba raised a request for salaries to be updated so that they cover the value of a basic basket, which is close to $180,000 for a standard family group.

This is why unions Uepc, Sep, Legislative, UPS, Sivialco, Casinos, Lottery, Musicians and Atsa they declared themselves in a state of alert to raise the request to the government of Juan Schiaretti.

Juan Monserrat, Secretary General of the Union of Educators of the Province of Córdoba, spoke with Mimi Spicher on her Spich program on Radio Rock & Pop FM 87.9 where she explained the reasons for the claim: “We are not asking for an increase, we are asking for wages to be updated so that we can buy a little more of the goods and services that we were able to buy the previous month. Prices are increasing and wages are falling behind.”

The trade unionist explained that, unlike other years, “On this occasion, the state workers and the union representatives agreed that in order to apply this update, which goes hand in hand with the percentages of the price indicator, it is necessary to start from the reality that the initial scale is incompatible with the basic basket”.

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