The days go by but the joy for the triumph of the Argentine National Team in the World Cup final in Qatar does not go away. The parties were left in the background and in the country nobody talks about anything other than the World Cup and the Scaleneta.

On Christmas Eve, hundreds of videos of people who toasted at 00:00 watching the Argentina VS game went viral. France. However, one of the videos that stood out the most on the networks and that became a trend in the last few hours was that of a family recreating the award ceremony during the Christmas festivities.

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The video was recorded in the city of Roldán, in the Las Tardes neighborhood, where the Machuca and Ullua family performed an emulation that featured an identical replica of the cup, the Qatari emir, medals and even Leo Messi’s celebration with his teammates when he lifts the World Cup. The video was shared on TikTok by the user @sofimachucaa and, over the hours, it went viral on all social networks.

Watch the video here: