In the fifth of the ten scheduled shows on the River Plate court, Coldplay gave the big surprise on Tuesday night by having Tini as a great guest, who joined in a ballad by the British band and performed their hit “Flesh and bone “.

The local pop star participated in the song “Let Somebody Go”, one of the most intimate passages of the show, which in the previous four nights had been sung by the group’s leader Chris Martin alone on the piano with HER, the artist who performs the opening numbers on this leg of the South American tour.

At the end of this song, Tini launched the first verses of “Flesh and bone”, which was immediately recognized and chanted by the crowd.

It should be remembered that the British group had also featured Jin, the oldest member of the K-pop band BTS, as a special guest on the song “My Universe” in their function last Friday the 28th.