It will be held in order to celebrate the 20 years since Nestor Kirchner was elected president and will be held at the May Plaza at 4 p.m. Despite being the one who called the event, he has not yet confirmed if he will be part of it.

“5/25/2003 changed history. The arrival of Néstor Kirchner began a path of moral reparation, social justice and human rights”This is how the current Head of State begins his onvitation, and continues: “On his 20th birthday, I call on everyone to honor him in Plaza de Mayo and listen to his life partner, Cristina Kirchner”.

Last week the president confirmed in a radio interview that he is someone who “does not usually go to this type of mobilization.”

On the other hand, Cristina Fernández admitted her differences with Alberto, which began during the PASO in 2019. However, when asked about the current presidential administration, she responded “This government is infinitely better than what another one of (Mauricio) Macri would have been”