Less than two weeks from win the Golden Globe for best non-English language film, “Argentina, 1985” was nominated to compete at the Oscars for best foreign film. This is the eighth time that a film from our country has reached the best for the highest film award.

The feature film must be positioned first in its shortlist, since it will compete against: All Quiet on the Front (Germany); Argentina, 1985 (Argentina); Close (Belgium/France); The Quiet Girl (Ireland); EO (Poland).

Quickly becoming a trend on social networks, the film directed by Santiago Miter closely follows the trial of the Military Juntas that was held to try those responsible for the last military dictatorship. It was starred by Ricardo Darin, Peter Lanzani, Alejandra FlechnerGina Mastronicola, Santiago Armas, Norman BriskiLaura Paredes, Carlos PortaluppiSusana Pampín, Claudio da Passano, Héctor Díaz, Gabriel Fernández.

They were also part Alejo Garcia PintosMariano Speratti, Pablo Caramelo, Pablo Moseinco, Walter Jakob, Almudena González, Antonia Bengoechea, Félix Santamaría, Santiago Rovito, Manuel Caponi, Leyla Bechara, Brian Sichel, Paula Ransenberg and Guillermo Jacubowicz, among others.

The ceremony of the Oscar awards It will be carried out Sunday March 12, at its historic Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, in California, United States. The gala will be hosted by the presenter, comedian and actor Jimmy Kimmel. “To be invited to host the Oscars for the third time is either a great honor or a trap,” Kimmel posted in the announcement he made on social media when he learned he was going to be the main animator.