On a day like today but in the year 1950, Norberto Aníbal “Pappo” Napolitano was born in the Paternal neighborhood, who would become one of the greatest legends of Argentine music. Throughout his extensive career, “Carpo” laid the foundations of national rock and blues, with a very characteristic voice and an undeniable talent for composition and instruments.

Pappo left unexpectedly in 2005 after an infamous traffic accident. From one day to the next, his legacy would remain engraved in the hearts of his thousands of fans and admirers, who remember him over and over again in tributes, covers, reproducing his songs over and over again, and taking him as a source. of inspiration.

Therefore, today we share five curiosities that you surely did not know about Pappo:

1- He participated in the choruses of the song “Figuration“, belonging to the first album (1969) by Almondfamous for the cover of the sad clown.

2- “I distrust(Pappo’s Blues Volume 2, 1972) he was born on the piano, not the guitar. In Napolitano’s house there was a piano because his sister was a teacher of that instrument. “It wasn’t difficult for him to compose it. It’s a beautiful and simple theme,” described the journalist Sergio Marchi to La Viola, author of the book “Pappo, the suburban man.”

3- He started playing the guitar at the age of 5, when he discovered a copy of the criolla guitar in his house. She made him curious and he was never separated from that first love again.

4- He played with BB King: In 1993, the guitarist was invited by the legendary BB King to play at Madison Square Garden in New York. A very special event with the great figures of the blues. Pappo was happy to be on stage with his idols. “Tonight we are very proud to have a special guest who comes from Argentina… Pappo, a great in the world”exclaimed the American in his presentation.

5- “Together on a par” actually belonged to the country genre. It was composed by Pappo’s Blues bassist Yulie Ruth until Pappo brought it into her own genre, something Ruth welcomed and applauded. “Juntos a la par” was one of her last hits. belongs to disk Looking for love (2003), was the last for Napolitano. From there came other iconic hits such as “Ella es un angel”, “Rock and Roll y Fiebre” and the one that gives the album its name.

To close this note, we invite you to enjoy one of the many iconic songs that Pappo’s Blues has: I distrust life.