General Juan Domingo Perón, founder of the mass movement that marked the history of Argentina, died 48 years ago (July 1, 1974) in the exercise of his third constitutional presidency, leaving the country an orphan of leadership in the midst of of a growing spiral of political violence that anticipated the emergence of State terrorism.

Perón chose to return to the country definitively on June 20, 1973, but what should have been a popular festival to be held near the Ezeiza airport turned into a tragedy. Left and right sectors of Peronism clashed with firearms in a day that left an imprecise balance of dead and wounded.

These events determined the resignation of Héctor Cámpora to the presidency, after 50 days of government, and the advancement of the elections in which the old leader presented himself at the head of a formula that also included his wife, María Estela Martínez de Perón, popularly known as Isabelita.

Within the framework of this date, the General Confederation of Labor (CGT) confirmed the act with President Alberto Fernández for the anniversary of the death of former president Juan Domingo Perón. This was confirmed by the Press Secretary of the union central, after the presence of the head of state was questioned on Tuesday by a sector of the cegetismo.

The place chosen to pay tribute to Juan Domingo Perón, 48 years after his death, was nothing more and nothing less than the CET building on Azopardo street at 800, where they will meet next Friday at 5:30 p.m.

The activity was also promoted from the official Twitter account of the Justicialist Party: “This Friday, President Alberto Fernández will lead the meeting in which we will evoke the figure of the leader of our movement, on the anniversary of his passage to immortality.”

Among those invited to the activity are the governors and authorities of the PJ, a party chaired by Alberto Fernández himself.