Despite the criticism in the organization, Ricky Martin completed his first show in Argentina and made the Villa María Amphitheater vibrate. The Puerto Rican displayed his symphonic show with more than 60 musicians on stage and the local band Rivera as opening acts The central show began around 9:20 p.m. with the classic “stick” and a total black look.

Later it was the moment of the slow ones where he interpreted “Fire at night, Snow at day” and the whole amphitheater rose to passionately sing that song. and continued with Shot to the Heart”, “The love of my life” and “I miss you, I forget you, I love you.”

when it started ringing Pending subjectthe singer asked to start over because it had to sound perfect since it is one of the most important songs for him.

Later, and with a more bohemian look, she covered herself with the Argentine flag and at the rhythm of “The cup of Life” the song he did for the world cup in France 98, he shouted Argentina world champions and drove his audience crazy.

He closed his symphonic show with Tal Vez and Tu recuerdo and did not leave without thanking all his orchestra and family that always accompanies him. “I love you very much Argentina, always, always” were his last words to close the first night at the Villa María Amphitheater.

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