In an investigation carried out in the city of Oncativo by investigators from the Anti-Drug Police Force, a point of sale was closed and a 35-year-old drug dealer who had a criminal record was arrested. During the procedure, the seizure of narcotic drugs was also achieved.

The operation was directed by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, it was carried out on Esteban Piacenza street at 700 in the city of the Río Segundo department, the house where the detainee sold drugs was located a few meters from the Flor de Ceibo club. The procedure had the participation of the Córdoba Police who collaborated with the work of the external perimeter.

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At the home, several doses of cocaine, money, a digital scale and items related to the case were seized. The raid was supervised by the Third Shift Prosecutor for the Fight Against Drug Trafficking, who ordered the transfer of the apprehended to judicial headquarters for alleged violation of the National Narcotics Law 23,737.