November arrives with a harsh welcome for the people of Cordoba: a wave of price increases. On this occasion there are several services that will be affected. We detail one by one the increases with the amounts.


In the case of water, the Regulatory Body for Public Services (Ersep) is still expected to approve the increase request. This occurs just a few hours after the agency authorized an increase of 15.3%, which accumulates a total of 80.6%. so far this year. The new request that Ersep will analyze is 26% and this would be implemented from January 2023.

Unlike other public services, water in Córdoba does not have state contributions or subsidies. “The rate is the only thing that the company receives to deal with the operation of the service”, they explained from Aguas Cordobesas to justify the measure.


From Saturday, November 5, the taxi fare in the City of Buenos Aires will increase by 20% in November. Thus, the value of the token will go to $22.50 and $27 depending on whether it is day or night respectively and the flag drop of $225 or $270.

In Córdoba the situation is yet to be seen . Miguel Arias, head of the Taxi Labor Union spoke about this problem with C. In this regard, he expressed: “We have already told the Permissionary President, Roberto Moyano, that we urgently need a salary recomposition. We asked for 60%, we were granted 30% and we want what is missing before the end of the year”the representative told the journalist Nahuel Granja,

And I add: “The remaining 30% is necessary. Inflation beats us every month and we live from day to day. Our partnership depends purely and exclusively on the increase in rates from the municipality. I hope we have the necessary results before the end of the year” .


The renewal of the rent in November will have an increase of 73.12%. This is how it will be according to the formula of the annual adjustment established in the law, on a formula of the Central Bank. It is the highest increase to date and marks another record. However, it is several points below annual headline inflation. The index of Lease Contracts for housing, was released this week by the BCRA within the framework of the national rental law 27,551 and the calculation is made based on the adjustment percentage, it will be applied taking the month of November 2021 as the calculation basis. .

Tolls and intercity transport

Among the new wave of increases, it has already been established that the people of Cordoba will be affected in these two services. At the moment, a 30% increase in tolls has been established to be able to circulate on the different routes in the province. Instead, the amount stipulated for the intercity transport ticket is 43%.