Tini Stoessel’s appearance at the latest installment of the Gardel Awards did not go unnoticed. Not because of the statuettes that she took from her or because of her live performance, but because of her statements about Rodrigo De Paul. When asked if she was in love with her, the artist simply replied that she was “very good” and that she loves the soccer player with “all her heart.” And that lack of definition triggered all kinds of speculation.

So much so that in recent hours it was rumored that the Argentine national team player wanted to return to Camila Homs, his former partner and mother of his children Francesca and Bautista. “What Rodrigo De Paul is doing is starting to trace paths that are closed to him in the Homs family. He is almost blocked by several members of the family, but he wants them to help him at least get closer to Camila and have a better dialogue “He told Adrián Pallares in Partners of the show and assured that the athlete would have confessed that he was wrong to start a relationship with Tini.

For his part, Rodrigo Lussich added: “The pearl that left the Gardel Awards was Tini’s confession, which did not confirm being in love with De Paul. All this so that when they ask you if you are in love, with all the family chaos, with Chiqui Tapia, Camila Homs, you say you’re not in love. It broke my heart. “

And echoing what happened on Argentine TV, De Paul decided to go out and give his version through his Twitter account. “FALSE, one more and they go.. how far are they capable for one click,” she wrote. While Stoessel decided not to get into the controversy. The truth is that during a tour of Latin America, she finally publicly clarified her feelings: “I’m in love. How they rested me with that answer! Yes, I’m fine… It hadn’t been that serious for me… And yes, I’m in love, for everyone’s peace of mind, and I’m happy”.