The onion with an increase of 17.7% led the increase in food prices in May, followed by sugar with 11.9%, meat and dairy products, powdered milk and infusions, according to the variations released yesterday by the INDEC . According to the agency, inflation in May at the national level was 5.1%.

According to the agency’s list, frozen hamburgers and powdered milk increased their price by 11.4%, regular wine 8.0%, ground coffee 6.7% and yerba mate 7.3%. Among meats, minced meat increased by 8.2%, the rump 7.4%, the shoulder by 6.6 and the roast by 5.5%, while the kilo of chicken increased by 8.3% and the hake fell 0.9%.

Despite the trusts implemented by the government to contain prices, wheat flour increased by 10.5%, noodles by $7.1 and sunflower oil by 5.4% and French bread by 2.2%. Among dairy products, milk in sachets increased its price by 7.0% and butter by 8%, and among cheeses, creamy cheese registered an increase of 5.0%, pategrás 8.4% and Sardinian 6.7 %.´

In May, the cost of fruits and vegetables fell, avoiding its impact on the general level. The setbacks were led by the lemon whose price fell by 17.7%, followed by the tomato 6.2%, lettuce 4.3%, orange 3.3%, pumpkin 1.2% and those of the onion rose 17, 7% banana 4.5%, potato 4.5% and canned tomato 2.3%.

Source: NA