The Córdoba Cultura Agency, through the Teatro Real, opened the call for playwrights to present the works that will compete for the “Best Dramaturgy Item” that awards the “Siripo 2023” Provincial Theater Award. Will be available until Tuesday, February 28, 2023.

The results will be announced at the award ceremony of the “Siripo 2023” Provincial Theater Award that will be held at the Teatro Real. All Cordovan playwrights, from other Argentine provinces or foreigners with five years of residence in the province may participate, without age limit. The pieces -of individual or group authorship- must be written in Spanish and have been released in the province of Córdoba, as of March 2022 -regardless of the year of writing-.

The works

The texts must be submitted digitally, in Word format, and sent by e-mail to the address: [email protected]

On the first page they must enter the following information: name of the work, name(s) of the author(s), date and place of premiere, actors, technicians and other participants in the production. In attachment they must send an abbreviated curriculum of the author or authors, the address that is established for the purposes of the contest.

Participants will be responsible for the authorship of the work presented. The convening institution is excluded from any challenge or legal problem that may arise in this regard.


The members of the jury are: Matias Gramajo, Rosendo Ruiz, Cristina González, Valeria Arévalo, Laura Cikra, Cristina Aizpeolea, Ariel Zalio, Silvia Beresovsky, Natalia Herrera, Constanza Curatitoli, Lindor Bressan and Alicia Manzur.

They will evaluate the proposals submitted, their ruling being final and having, among their powers, to declare the selection void if they so consider.

Participation in the call implies knowledge and acceptance of its bases, for which failure to comply with the established requirements will determine the exclusion of the applicant(s).