Rodrigo de Loredo was present at the Inaugural Session of the ordinary sessions 2023 and was consulted for support towards Patricia Bullrich in the next elections.

The leader affirmed that in the province of Córdoba a factor that is out of control is the scourge of insecurity, indicating that it is higher at the scale level compared to the other provinces. He also assured that the issue of advertisements that talk about taking care of the safety of the people of Cordoba has been distorted since that would not be being fulfilled.

On the other hand, they asked him about who will be the next candidate, if he or Luis Judge to which the lawyer confirmed that it will be “who is in a position to win in the Province”.

He also assured that he awaits the day the governor announces the dates of the electoral calendar to announce who will be the chosen candidate and celebrated that on this occasion they want to “comply with the provisions of the Law“, harshly criticizing Peronism by stating that it changes the laws according to its convenience.