Before the meeting of President Fernández with 18 of the governors to promote the expansion of the Supreme Court of Justice, from 5 to 25 members, several opposition leaders pointed out that the project is “dangerous” and “unnecessary”, while They warned of “an attempt to advance” by the Executive Power over the Judiciary.

The head of the PRO, and one of the possible presidential candidates of the space, Patricia Bullrich, considered that it is the “most dangerous project since democracy began”, when referring to the initiative. Although the draft has not yet been released, the issue is being addressed this Friday by a group of provincial leaders who will meet at the Buenos Aires headquarters of the Federal Investment Council (CFI).

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For his part, the president of the UCR, the governor of Jujuy, Gerardo Morales, stated that “at this time the priority is not the Court” but rather “solving the problem of inflation and poverty.” in Justice to solve the problems of the people and not their judicial problems,” said Morales. The governor of the province of Corrientes, the radical Gustavo Valdés, also rejected an eventual expansion of the Court, who argued on social networks: “I reject any attempt to expand the Supreme Court of Justice, an absolutely unnecessary project when the needs of the people are different. ”.

The head of the Buenos Aires Government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, also spoke on this issue in the last few hours, who argued that the project implies “an attempt to advance the Government on the Judiciary”. “I do not agree; I think it is an attempt to progress of the Government on the Judiciary such as the judicial reform, the attempt to change the Law of the Attorney General and the attempt to advance on the Council of the Magistracy”, indicated the head of the Buenos Aires Government.

For his part, through the social network Twitter, the head of the UCR block in the Chamber of Deputies, the radical Mario Negri, expressed that “the Peronist governors have the wet dream of the caudillo: each one wants to put their own judge in the Supreme Court”.

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