On Wednesday morning, the Inaugural Session of the 145th regular session of 2023 with the presence in the compound of the lieutenant governor manuel bald in which the governor Juan Schiaretti gave a message to all citizens.

The governor began his speech by remembering those who disappeared during the dictatorship so that this does not happen again and the fight for democracy continues. He also announced that he rejected impeachment by the National government against Supreme Court of Justice.

He affirmed that an authentic federalism must be created for which the functions only for Bs.As and its surroundings must stop working. In other words, they must stop being a unitary country and begin to be seriously federal. “We need to unite, to advance. There are more of us who are willing to put our shoulders to sow the differences that separate us than those who differ.”

schiaretti He affirmed that taking the leap means moving forward and for that to happen, political leaders stop working only around their fights, but rather they must deal with solving people’s problems and being present in their needs.

“We have natural and material resources that are needed in the world, we cannot fall into crises that do us so much damage. We must provide the economic stability that people demand, that there are clear rules for those who educate, heal, and carry out technological development,” were the words of the governor against the misuse of resources and for a sustained process to exist in the country.

He also assured that “Returning to being a normal country will allow us to regain trust among ourselves. With successes and with errors, respect for those who think differently is a fundamental value, no one owns the truth.”

Juan Schiaretti spoke of his government as one that “he speaks little and does a lot”, which says it is going to do and does. He complies. That is a value that is constantly being transformed.

“It is not a progressive who governs in an autocratic and feudal manner, no matter how much they recite slogans, but rather a progressive who applies public policies that support upward social mobility, respecting the institutional framework and coordinating with all expressions of society,” were the words of the governor when defining the role of the State.

He also made a mention of the different projects that were carried out and that still need to be carried out, highlighting among them the Provincial Aqueduct Plan to reach each sector of the province with water. He stated that by doing so, “We sow the province, so that there is a better quality of life in our families.”

Another point that he mentioned in his speech is how the State cannot remain indifferent in the face of the technological revolution. “I want internet and connectivity to be available to all the inhabitants of the Province of Córdoba because it has become an essential need like water.”

On the other hand, he spoke about the evolution and inauguration of hospitals in different sectors of the province, which will have the Hospital Maintenance Program and of Coordination with the Centers municipal care.

He also indicated that each time “The provision of private medicine is more retracted, there are fewer and fewer private clinics in the interior of the province, therefore, there must be more public health offer so that all Cordoba can be attended. And this requires provincial investments, coordination and it helps the municipal benefits of primary health care provided by the municipalities. And we are doing it because it is what corresponds”.

The governor announced that there will be a change in the curriculum to include everything that involves technological innovation. On the other hand, he appreciated the commitment of the residents and the neighborhood centers with regard to insecurity, since “This allows us to prevent drug trafficking from taking over the poor neighborhoods.”

Lastly, he stressed that the “Education is the name of social justice in this century” and for this reason, a program for the construction of 102 Social Sports Centers to support children and young people.

Schiaretti closed his speech by assuring that the scientific-technical revolution it is on the move and in more permanent change than it has ever been in all of history. He affirmed that this change is to improve people’s lives every day and transform the reality of families, always ensuring that Córdoba was never afraid of progress.